Thursday, November 13, 2014

School textbooks: bringing education to life

Phou, 6, with her new text book
(c) UNICEF/LAOS/2014/S.Nazer
Waiting for class to start, first grader Phou, 6, stands outside holding her new school text book tight. The book, provided by the Lao Government with UNICEF’s support, was clearly something she values.

Thousands of text books have been printed and distributed by the Lao Government and UNICEF for all first and second graders. They have been delivered to every primary school in Lao PDR, helping children like Phou get the most from her education.

Mr Khonsavanh, a teacher from her school in Pa Xom village, Saravan Province, has quickly seen the benefits the new books are bringing to both students and teachers:
1st and 2nd grade pupils throughout Lao PDR now use the new textbooks
(c) UNICEF/LAOS/2014/S.Nazer
“The students love the books. They’re very clear and easy to use… the students really like the illustrations and look at the books all the time. They are going to be used a lot!”

The books have been specially designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear by children in villages throughout the country. This means they’ll last longer and future first and second graders can continue learning, and continue developing.

UNICEF gratefully acknowledges the support and funding from Quantas.

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